<%NUMBERING1%>.<%NUMBERING2%>.<%NUMBERING3%> PRTG Manual: Support and Troubleshooting

If you need help with PRTG, there are several ways to get support and to troubleshoot issues that might come up.

Video Tutorials

Watch tutorials for PRTG from Paessler and other users.

Paessler Knowledge Base

Search for information about PRTG in thousands of articles. You can also post your own questions and answers.

Open a Support Ticket

Users that purchased a license can open support tickets, which are usually answered by the Paessler support team in fewer than 24 hours on business days. Use the support form that is available in PRTG to contact our the Paessler support team. This is the best way to quickly get detailed help. If you cannot use this form, contact us via our web page.